lundi 13 octobre 2014

Irish Setter Dog

One of the dog breeds Irish Setter also known as Red-setter, it is classified as hounds. It is also called Sotar rua in Gaelic language.


Hair has a red color at a reasonable length, It's have a beautiful decoration hair silky legs and tail.
Limb toned ear, without waste which hung large.
Sternum that projects before is to fit a narrow body large lung, breast shape is also characteristic.
Average withers height 69cm male female 64cm
Average weight male 32kg female 27kg


This type is the oldest setter species that developed in Ireland in the 1700s. White is mixed in some places red, coat color of Irish setter early, was close to the breed Irish Red and White Setter. JKC has not been certified with the Irish Setter only if all of the redhead.


Sociable, It's friendly to other dogs and people.
There is a tendency for rambunctious childishness is remain in future adult dog (owners who are attracted to the young is often).
It is said that discipline is difficult to enter, but do not forget Once you can do once.
Type that you put into action that you have thought yourself, to lead the owner.
I love outdoor sports and such.

Notes on breeding 

To live together in the indoor and family is the best, but enough to communicate with family even if you keep outdoors.
Be careful to stress by lack of exercise and so is a dog species with such strength that you full of energy, withstand the strenuous work.
For lop-eared, note the otitis externa.
The nature of the hound is still good, the owner that you can deal with the behavior of idiopathic chasing prey is desirable.

If you trimmed is good hair because of the dog species likely to suffer from a skin disease, was too extends so as not to dirty. It is desirable to carry out once in 2 to 3 brushing.

The many desirable percentage of individuals facing the factor of genetic disease that: (Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRA) when compared to other breeds, it will receive a DNA test after birth rapidly progressive retinal atrophy. It also performed genetic testing of partners when to breed, the case that a child will develop should be avoided absolutely.

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